Sales and service network

In order to meet the expectations of passengers, we are currently extending the ticket vending network. Our goal is to provide passengers with the possibilities to purchase tickets for public transport organised by ZTM Poznań as numerous and as convenient as possible.
We are systematically adding new locations where it would be possible to buy single fare tickets and top up PEKA card. During developing the new sales system, we are taking into consideration the locations in Poznań and in the entire Poznań Agglomeration with the main focus on the communes where ZTM is the collective transport service provider. At present we are carrying out the project consisting in the increase of the number of stationary ticket vending machines and their adjustment to the PEKA system. At these automatic vending machines you would be able to top up your tPurse, purchase or prolong your season ticket or buy a single fare ticket. 
We want Public Transport Authority to be identified unambiguously and therefore we are working on the introduction of better customer service standards, visualization of our service points and their modernization.