PEKA card

The PEKA card is a modern, well secured smart card which is to replace the old KOMcard (KOMkarta) and is a key element of the PEKA system. The card is available in two personalised versions, with and without e-wallet, and as a bearer card.
The Poznan Electronic Agglomeration Card is a personalised card with which users can benefit from numerous functions:
 - the possibility to purchase or top up a season ticket for a given route or for the whole network,
 - the possibility to credit the  tPurse  account used to pay single fares,

- the possibility to make small payments, just like in the case of a prepaid account
- e-wallet (only available on cards with the e-wallet function; when applying for the card the passenger decides which type of card s/he wishes to have),
- the possibility to record information about the discount the passenger is entitled to,
 -digital ID,
 - e-signature,
- the possibility to participate in the bonus programme.


Bearer PEKA

Bearer PEKA card

The bearer PEKA Card allows to purchase a bearer season ticket and/or top up the tPurse used to pay for single rides.

The bearer PEKA card may be purchased for 27 PLN, of which 12 PLN is a deposit and 15 PLN is the amount credited to the tPurse to be spent on public transport organised by ZTM Poznań. The credited amount can be used without any time limit. If the passenger uses all the money on his/her tPurse, s/he may top it up at any point of sales or ZTM Poznan Customer Service Point, or via the Internet. Of course, the passenger can always purchase a bearer season ticket on that card.

The card is available at:  ZTM Poznan Customer Service Points and some Ticket Sales Points

Because of financial settlements and the possibility to debit the tPurse, bearer cards can only be returned at ZTM Poznan Customer Service Points.

Each card is provided with a set of information concerning the methods of topping up and returning the card, and a unique login and password enabling to purchase tickets/top up the tPurse online.

PEKA Junior


The PEKA Junior card is intended for children aged between 6 and 13. This card is personalised – assigned to its holder. It does not contain the e-wallet function because, according to the applicable regulations, children in this age group are not entitled to perform legal actions and cannot hold bank accounts.

The PEKA Junior card allows to:

- purchase and top up a season ticket for a selected route or the entire network for the period of 14 days and more (depending on the passenger needs)
- purchase reduced price special tickets: the Metropolitan reduced price ticket  and semester tickets for 120 and 150 days
- use the tPurse to pay for single rides according to the distance tariff, and record information on the discount entitlement. With the discount entitlement recorded on the PEKA Junior card, children are not obliged to have a school card on them while using transport services provided by ZTM Poznan; the entitlement to a reduced price is confirmed by the PEKA card.



The PEKA Firm is a bearer card. It is a very convenient solution for companies purchasing tickets for their employees using public transport services. This card allows to purchase and top up season tickets offered specially to companies. The card holder's photo may be replaced by the company's logo, free of charge.


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